SAP Business One

Software designed for smart companies and subsidiaries

SAP Business One enables you to merge your company’s key functions in a single solution.

Your advantage: Centrally controlled financials, sales, customer relations or inventory, allowing continuous and efficient control of your business. SAP Business One stands for over 40 years of experience in developing business software.

Our goal: Meeting your exact branch-specific needs and requirements.

SAP Business One supports:

  • Financial management: Automatize, integrate and steer all your financial and accounting processes.  
  • Inventory management: Centralized control of your stock levels and stock movements.
  • Customer relationship management: Continuously improve your performance and customer satisfaction through effective control of sales opportunities. 
  • Purchasing: Automatize all steps of your purchasing process, from order requests to payment of invoices.
  • Sales: Manage all your sales documents in one application.
  • Reporting: Facilitate decision-making with the help of real-time analytics and reports.
  • Production: Work with bills of material and production orders and ensure producing in line with stock levels, orders and available resources.
  • Project management: Manage in-house and external projects with integrated invoice management and sub-projects.
  • Business platform: SAP Business One is a business platform that offers state-of-the-art technology to integrate all of your business fields: EDI, web shops, customers, suppliers, apps, headquarters, etc.
  • Mobility: Access SAP Business One on your mobile devices via the iOS or Android app provided by SAP. Find out more here.

If you want to find out why we think SAP Business One is the ideal choice for most companies, please click here

Overview of SAP Business One and its functions as PDF.

For SAP Business One, SAP also provides the world’s fastest and most cost-efficient database: SAP HANA. Find out more here!


Different branches all over the world use SAP Business One, be it manufacturing, distribution or service companies. 
Find out more about SAP Business One as a business platform in the retail sector here.