Retail trade

SAP Business One for retailers

More than any other sector, over the past years the retail business has been facing challenges resulting from rapid changes in technology and powerful online competitors. Keeping up with these developments is a key factor for continued success. Drawing from our experience gained in numerous previous projects, we would like to contribute to your optimum business performance.

SAP Business One is the core of our retail solutions. The standard solution already encompasses numerous functions for modern retail companies who wish to optimize their business processes:


A powerful procurement system ensures that your shelves never go out of stock. Optimize your order placement in terms of time and quantity whilst bearing in mind minimum stock levels, seasonal fluctuations and alternative suppliers.

Mobile workplaces

Mobile workplaces based on iOS and Android facilitate professional customer service. Questions like “Do you have this product in a different size, color, store,…?” will be answered easily and quickly.

Customer Relationship Management

Comprehensive, flexible customer data management is the basis for CRM systems and measures.

Reporting possibilities

The reporting possibilities of SAP Business One are in a class of their own. Dashboards give you an overview of your most important business data anytime and everywhere, thanks to mobile statistics on your smartphone. With SAP HANA, the high-performance database by SAP, these statistics are delivered to you in record time. Given that the retail sector is characterized by large amounts of data, this feature is especially valuable.

SAP Customer Checkout

... is SAP’s modern and ergonomic solution for retail checkout procedures. It features all common functionalities, touch control and integrability of payment terminals. An especially interesting feature of SAP Customer Check Out is that is can be run both online and offline. If the checkout is connected to SAP, all information is transferred in real time, meaning that your data is continuously up to date. In case of no connection, the checkout is operated independently and the checkout procedure can still be executed without any restrictions.

SAP Integration Framework

... is the key to more speed, data that is up to date and maximum efficiency. This server is a data hub that saves time and money by enabling a wide range of essential functionalities. A few examples are:

  • Automatic processing of deliveries via EDIFACT
  • Connecting mobile data entry devices for storage and stock transfers
  • Sending newsletters to your customers via specialized service providers

beOne® MDE

... ensures smooth, quick and easy functioning of key processes via mobile data entry devices. That includes incoming and outgoing consignments, stock transfers between subsidiaries, stocktaking and many more. 


Specialized retail staff dispose of high know-how about their products and need to master the art of selling. Hence, it is important to support retail staff concerning logistics and sales advice. Simple but efficient supporting systems should be physically separated from the checkout points, since these are reserved for cashing and not administration or sales advice. beOne INFO is an easy to use client that ensures precisely that:

  • Easy logging of goods receipts and goods issues, e.g. between subsidiaries
  • Easy logging of stocktaking results
  • Easy ordering of goods from headquarters or directly from suppliers
  • Label printing based on goods receipts or independent print-outs
  • Overview of all stock levels of headquarters and subsidiaries
  • Customer data management
  • Goods return and complaints processing
  • Repair registration
  • etc.

beONE SPORT®, beOne FASHION® and beOne® RETAIL

... are our special solutions for the respective branches which will further enhance your SAP Business One:

  • Faster label printing in different business processes
  • Three-step, hierarchical product groups according to industry standards
  • Color and size matrices for quick creation of hundreds of product variations
  • Different customer relationship management systems including instant discounts, bonuses, vouchers, credit notes, etc.
  • Branch-specific reports show the performance of product groups, subsidiaries and sales employees on mobile devices, in dashboards and with HANA power
  • Quick creation of hundreds and thousands of products with price calculations

beOne® limit planning

... supports purchasers with all seasonal products for preorder. Based on the previous season’s sales, a purchasing budget can be calculated by different categories, such as color, size, brand, etc. You can comfortably access the budget calculation via your laptop while being at a preorder event. Actual orders are being transferred back into the system and future order proposals can be projected based on the remaining budget. It is without a doubt an indispensable tool when it comes to next season’s planning and purchasing management.