SAP Business One – The ideal choice

It’s easy to explain why we think that SAP Business One is the ideal choice for a large number of businesses. It is a product that combines apparent opposites: It’s simple (to install and use) but powerful (when it comes to individual customization).

User-friendly interface

SAP Business One looks and works similar to Windows. If you are familiar with working with Windows, using SAP Business One will be as easy as pie. An excellent manual as well as self-study tutorials provide in-depth instructions that help you get started.

Quick implementation

SAP Business One is quickly and easily installed and only takes a couple of weeks to go live.

High-growth potential

Despite its simplicity, there are infinite ways to make SAP Business One grow according to your business needs. In case the product’s enormous adaptability is not enough, its own software development tool can be used for tailor-made solutions.


Sales force automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules help you expand existing customer relations and attract new customers.


SAP has existed for over 40 years and has managed to convince more than 20 million users of their products. Numerous large-scale customers as well as small and medium-sized enterprises count on SAP’s long-standing expertise, engaging in reliable long-term business relationships. 


SAP Business One combines all relevant business processes in one application: financials, budgeting, cost accounting, order and stock management, production, etc. are all integrated and perfectly aligned.


SAP Business One is based on cutting-edge database systems – SAP HANA or SQL server by Microsoft. This open database enables constant access to relevant business data, free definition of statistics and reports, print-outs, easy import and export of data and online access.