beOne® SPORT

BeOne® SPORT is a fully integrated solution for sports and fashion retailers based on SAP Business One with FEDAS code. It was developed in cooperation with Intersport Switzerland to provide specialized trading companies with a powerful tool. Its objectives are: reduction of storage costs, optimal purchasing planning, clear monitoring of successful but also unsuccessful products, and as a result enhanced profits.

SAP Business One impresses with its simplicity of use. Thanks to the full integration from the point of sales to the order process, multiple master data entries are avoided. Errors in the application or data maintenance can therefore be eliminated. In addition, you can expect the optimal starting position for comparable reporting over the coming years.

At a glance:

  • FEDAS (product group key for sports retail)
  • Color-size matrix
  • Identification according to season
  • Purchasing planning (limit planning)
  • Multiple analyses
  • Mobile purchasing and sales statistics
  • POS integration
  • Frequency analysis
  • Brands / manufacturers


The FEDAS coding system is the basis for simple and efficient product grouping. It can be structured according to the reporting needs of individual companies so that you can create your own flexible analyses. The grouping is based on:

  • Category: sports, fashion, footwear or individual categories
  • Area: skiing, football, etc.
  • Main product group, subgroups
  • Main and undersize

beOne® SPORT customers receive the FEDAS code as a free service from b1 consulting.

The FEDAS code offers beOne® SPORT users a further important advantage: Intersport members in particular receive pre-formatted item and order data for automatic processing.

Industry-specific functions

Easy product ordering thanks to the size / color matrix: The clearly structured matrix effectively simplifies your ordering process.

You can do the labelling by yourself using the integrated label printing program or your suppliers’ barcodes.

With beOne® SPORT, everything is designed to reduce the data maintenance effort to a minimum. This is why it supplies as standard a catalog of all current manufacturers’ branded goods, which allows for conclusive analyses. In this context, you can also create customer profiles that provide, among other things, the following information:

  • Purchase behavior
  • Preferred brands and product groups

This gives you the necessary insight for targeted mailings, customer campaigns, etc.

Point of Sales

The POS is directly integrated into beOne® SPORT so that you can immediately access detailed information on sales and the current interests of your customers. Interfaces to well-known POS solutions are available - we can also offer you a customer check out solution from SAP, find out more here! As a result, you dispose of valuable data that helps inform and look after your customers even more professionally, which ultimately leads to high customer satisfaction and increasing sales.


No man is an island – neither is software. The open concept of SAP Business One allows us to ensure flexibility and data transfer when it comes to modern solutions. There are plenty of application examples: be it integration with Microsoft Exchange or Outlook, Word or Excel tie-ins or integration with time recording systems and MDE devices. Smartphone or web shop integration is available thanks to a standardized SAP framework, which also offers integration regarding SAP Business Suite and SAP BW.