SAP Business ByDesign for project management

With a single application, you centrally manage your project and order management together with planning – thanks to the on-demand solution by SAP. You automatize many of your operational procedures and ensure more transparency and efficiency.

Scope of the starter package (expandable at any time):

  • Marketing (market development, campaign management),
  • Sales (complete - except sales planning),
  • Procurement (supplier management, purchase requests and purchase orders, invoice verification),
  • Project management (project planning and implementation),
  • Accounting and finance (complete),
  • Human Resources (Personnel administration, time management)

Master challenges in project management!

Successful projects with integrated, continuous processes.

Effective project management ensures the success of your company on a long-term basis. Are you developing a new product or a sophisticated marketing campaign? If so, one thing is certain: efficient project management is essential to keep costs under control and to follow clear problem-solving strategies. In this way, you actively improve your project success. Companies that manage their projects with separate software solutions usually do not have an overview of all processes. For a successful project, however, you need a solution that is seamlessly interlinked with other business areas. Only if you have all relevant financial or personnel data available at any time, you can intervene immediately in case of delays. In addition, you will be able to deploy your employees in the best possible way and have the costs firmly under control.

SAP Business ByDesign makes team collaboration easier and more efficient. The built-in dashboard functions visualize and plan the progress of your projects by means of clear bar or flow diagrams.


Thanks to the more efficient information exchange and the automated task distribution, all involved areas dispose of reliable and up-to-date project data. Through the seamless integration of all project-related data for e.g. accounting, controlling, purchasing or human resources, you have the costs, purchases and working hours of employees and service providers at all times under control.

  • Profit from better integration of your project data into operational business and finance.
  • Use interactive graphical presentation tools to visualize the respective project status clearly and quickly.
  • Improve the internal and external collaboration of all departments and partners involved in the project - from order management to time recording.
  • Accelerate your response time by detecting discrepancies or bottlenecks at an early stage.