beOne® SMS-Gateway

SAP Business One as a business platform offers extensive customer loyalty scenarios. Whether you want to inform your customers by SMS that the ordered goods have been dispatched, or the desired product has arrived, or whether you want to send your customers birthday wishes – the SAP Business One SMS-Gateway enables you to directly communicate with your customers.

How does the SMS-Gateway work?

The SMS-Gateway is a service that can be operated on any modern Windows computer and implements the asynchronous dispatch of SMS messages. For this external communication, nearly every standard GSM modem can be used, no matter if you use a softmodem or a modem of a telephone system.

The SMS-Gateway uses a Microsoft SQL server database to manage the outgoing messages and their processing status. This database is delivered by the setup routine. The only precondition is that any Microsoft SQL server needs to be installed beforehand. In addition to the SMS Gateway ™ service, the SMS Gateway Service Manager is installed on the server, which provides configuration and status monitoring functions.

On the client side, the SMS-Gateway provides an interface library in form of .NET-assemblies, which can be used to programmatically integrate the functionality of the SMS dispatch into own applications.

Thanks to the SMS gateway, SMS can be integrated into relevant business processes and used for communication with business partners.